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SharePoint 2013 Migration and Assessment

SharePoint Migration and Assessment Service in Philadelphia, Chester County and Pennsylvania.

In the series of its SharePoint versions, Microsoft released SharePoint 2013 preview on July 16, 2012. SharePoint 2013 is studded with loads of features to turn the way people worked till now. Organizing and social capabilities are few of the strong assets of SharePoint 2013. It realizes the concept of Social Intranet. It enables users to create team sites and collaborate quickly within the teams, thereby increasing efficiency. Now building apps on common web technologies like Auth and HTML is no more a difficult task with the new Cloud App Model for SharePoint. SharePoint 2013 offers enhanced search capabilities to search and deliver most accurate results ever, whether it is people or information.

SharePoint 2013 completely redefines the way we used to work and share our work with others. It comes loaded with tons of features which make it the best choice not only for large businesses but also small and medium sized businesses. SharePoint 2013 is loaded with Cloud app model. Just like mobile apps, SharePoint 2013 apps are functional units performing independently. Each app extends the capabilities of a SharePoint website and do not interact with each other. Apps do not affect server load and are extremely easy to use. Multi-platform access, offline access to documents and enhanced workflows are few other factors which make SharePoint 2013 completely different from its predecessors. It’s the time to move on and upgrade your portals to SharePoint 2013. We at Ignatiuz are experts in providing SharePoint consultation, development and support. Ignatiuz remains the most preferred choice for the global corporations seeking SharePoint support. With most of our developers being Microsoft Certified, we are uniquely qualified to provide SharePoint 2013 migration and assessment services.  today to get a free assessment of your existing SharePoint portal and quote for migrating to SharePoint 2013.