Outsourced Product

Outsourced Product Development

Outsourced product development (OPD) is not a new concept in the market. In the contemporary market, the time to time changing strategy and a tremendous hike in the production cost have caused businesses to encounter numerous setbacks. These setbacks are sufficient enough to hamper your credibility in the market. We can help you with our outsourced product development services. We will help you with the most accurate market analysis and clearly evaluate both pros and cons of the development. Your demands will not only be kept in mind but also necessary advice will be offered to make things a lot better.

We at Ignatiuz offer following services under OPD:

What do Ignatiuz’s OPD services consist of?

  • The development of the product
  • The reengineering and the migration of the product
  • The maintenance and support
  • The implementation phase and
  • The quality assurance (QA) and testing of the product