Pixelsense Developmen

PixelSense Development and Customization Service in Philadelphia, Chester County and Pennsylvania.

Microsoft® PixelSenseTM is a revolutionizing technology which allows a display device to recognize fingers, hands and objects placed on the screen. It thus facilitates vision-based interaction without the need of a camera. Every pixel of the screen is capable to see what is touching the screen and send the information for processing and interpretation. Microsoft PixelSense thus eliminates the need of having multiple devices and allow the users to interact altogether on a single device.

After delivering numerous natural user interface apps for Kinect, Ignatiuz takes its development efforts to the next level with Microsoft PixelSense development. Our interactive apps based on Microsoft PixelSense provide seamless opportunities for your business needs. Whether it is education industry, medical field or hospitality, no matter what industry you are in, we have a customized app for you.

Explore the opportunities with Ignatiuz’s Microsoft PixelSense based Apps

  • Engage more users with highly interactive contents
  • Take your customers into real world – let them explore your products closely
  • Our interactive apps for education industry make learning a total fun
  • Provide customized shopping experience to your customers – let them choose and customize what they want

As an emerging technology, not many companies offer Microsoft PixelSense development. Because of our attention to innovation, Microsoft PixelSense development is something Ignatiuz is uniquely qualified to do. Using our custom programming strengths along with our expanded creative design team of experts, Ignatiuz is able to offer development of Microsoft PixelSense applications that are very accessible and intuitive, even to users unfamiliar with computers. We invite our customers to come in and use the Microsoft PixelSense to see the possibilities themselves!