Blackberry Development

Blackberry Apps (Application) Development and Customization Service in Philadelphia, Chester County and Pennsylvania.

Our team members at Ignatiuz are experts on Blackberry development. They are veterans when it comes to designing and developing Blackberry applications. When offering exceptional Blackberry services, our priority always is to provide you with results that no one else can. We believe in going above and beyond what our clients expect while staying within budget. We deliver the best services and achieve the results you want.

What kind of Blackberry applications does Ignatiuz develop?

  • Cloud Storage Platform
  • Commerce Applications based on the mobile devices
  • Application meant for the database viewing
  • BlackBerry Messenger
  • Blackberry Web-Works
  • The financial advisory system inbuilt in BlackBerry devices

We also develop:

  • Enterprise solutions meant for the BlackBerry devices
  • Applications porting in the Blackberry devices
  • Entertainment and game applications
  • GPS, Navigation, and Voice-Over-Internet Protocol applications
  • Ecommerce Blackberry solutions