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How to update SharePoint add-ins

How to update SharePoint add-ins

We all have come across this situation where we use the add-ins available in SharePoint from Office 365 App Store but we fail to update our add-ins at the appropriate time. To overcome this situation, please follow the steps ahead to update your add-ins as below:

1. Login to your SharePoint site. The user who has the full control permission or site collection administrator can only install and update any add-ins from the app store.

Office 365 Site Login

2. Open the site where SharePoint add-ins are installed and navigate to Site Contents.

Office 365 gear menu for navigation

3. Find the Sharepoint add-ins which needs to be updated. Ex. Office 365 Timesheet”.

  • If update option is there, then click to update. Update option will be visible only if any upgraded version of add-ins is available.

SharePoint Add-In Update

  • If update option is not available then go to the Details.

Site Content App Details

4. Select “GET IT” to upgrade the app. “GET IT” option will be visible only when the New version of the SharePoint add-ins is available.

New Version Add-In

5. After clicking on “GET IT” a popup will display. Click the “Trust It” button.

Add-In Popup

6. Wait for sometime to update the app. It might take few mins to update.

App-In Updation

7. Wait a few moments and refresh the page. You will see that the App is updated.

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